Product features

  • Ideal replacement for standard low bay lighting systems
  • Energy efficient – savings of 70% and more compared to conventional systems
  • Easy mount clip-on brackets
  • Variety of control options – DSI, DALI, switchDIM, corridorFUNCTION


Product details

Product Name Power Consumption Lumen Output Order Reference
DELTA MP 16 36 W 4250 Lm DLMP16
DELTA MP 24 54 W 6370 Lm DLMP24
DELTA MP 32 72 W 8352 Lm DLMP32
DELTA MP 48 102 W 11530 Lm DLMP48
DELTA MP 64 144 W 15840 Lm DLMP64
Light Colour 3000K - 5000K
Light Source LG Innotek
CRI 80 – 90
Lifetime L70: > 60,000 hours (@Ts = 85°C)
Mains voltage 220 – 240 V
IP protection class IP66
Warranty 5 years
Compliance CE, RoHS
Casing Aluminium extrusion
Diffuser PMMA
Bracket Steel
Standard Non dimming
Dimming DSI, DALI, switchDIM, corridorFUNCTION
Colour temperature 3000K 3K
4000K 4K
5000K 5K
Driver type Standard ST
Dimming D
Diffuser type Prismatic HEX
Frosted OPQ
Order code example DLMP24-5K-ST-HEX