Exterior industry lighting

Industrial Exterior Lighting

If you’ve got time to waste getting quotes for industrial exterior lighting products you don’t need, don’t read on

Get industrial exterior lighting solutions tailored to your needs.

We know there’s plenty of industrial lighting suppliers to choose from. A quick search on Google shows that.

They’ll make big claims about being the best for quality, the best for customer service, the best for this, the best for that.

And we’re not here to knock them, just to tell you to watch out for those who recommend exterior lighting solutions that might not be an exact fit for what you need. Chances are they’re just trying to shift their stock, not help you out.

That’s not the way we work at LOONGA.

Industrial Exterior Lighting Made To Order And Delivered On Time

Here’s the way we do it. We get to know your requirements and exact specifications, then go away and make your exterior lights just the way you want them. And, usually, 3 weeks later, we’ll deliver your lights to you, just the way you want them. If we don’t deliver on time, you will get 50% off the cost of your order.

Seems to us it’s the best way of working. But it’s not the way all lighting suppliers work. So the next time you’re browsing Google’s search results, it might be worth bearing that in mind, and giving us a call first.


We supply

  • Floodlights
  • Streetlights / Area Lights
  • Canopy Lights

to clients who need superior exterior lighting solutions for:

  • Loading Bays
  • Outdoor Working And Storage Areas
  • Factory Roadways
  • Security
  • Railways
  • Dockyards, Terminals, Jetties & Quays

More reasons to choose LOONGA

You’ve got enough on your plate keeping business ticking over without worrying about whether your lights are keeping your workforce safe. So leave all that lighting stuff to the experts at LOONGA.

Also, do you know how to place fixtures in such a way that a moving vehicle cannot create a shadow or otherwise obstruct the light? Probably not. Same as we wouldn’t know specific details about your business. The experts here at LOONGA are here to answer those sorts of lighting questions.
How to get some LOONGA Exterior Lighting into your business

1. It all starts with a call. You can get us here
2. However you get in touch, we won’t keep you long (or bombard you with loads of follow-up messages). We’ll just ask a few questions about what you’re looking for and, if necessary, arrange to visit your site to check things out.
3. When we know the lie of the land, we’ll create a custom lighting design based on our findings and prepare a report along with a quote for the work.
4. When you’re happy to go ahead, we can supply the fittings (pre-wired with quick connections if you like) and even arrange full installation.

That’s it.

Except to say that should you want to spread the cost of your new exterior lighting, we can put you in touch with a trusted loan partner who could maybe help. (DISCLAIMER: LOONGA does not provide financial services)

The LOONGA Guarantee

All LOONGA products are guaranteed for 5 years. There’s a delivery guarantee too.
If we don’t get your lighting to you within the deadline we’ve promised (up to 3 weeks) you’ll get 50% off your order.

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