Task Lighting

Task & Inspection Lighting

Time is money. But don’t waste either on task and inspection lighting products you don’t need

Get task and inspection lighting that’s tailored to your needs

Who to choose to supply your task and inspection lighting? Decisions, decisions. A quick browse of the internet will reveal a good few suppliers claiming their solutions are the best fit and best quality at the best price.

In reality, many of these suppliers are in the business of shifting stock from their warehouses, not helping ensure you get the right task and inspection lighting for your business.

Task & Inspection Lighting Made To Order And Delivered On Time

LOONGA is in the business of helping ensure you get the right task and inspection lighting for your business, not shifting stock from our warehouses.

We’re all about customisation, and creating products from scratch that are designed to each client’s unique specifications.

And don’t be thinking that it all sounds a bit pricey and time-consuming. Far from it. Our prices stack up favourably against anything else out there, and we can usually deliver the goods within a fortnight. What’s more, if we don’t deliver when we say we will, you’ll get 50% off the cost of your order.


We supply:

  • Ready To Use Task Lights with Integrated Dimmers and Plugs
  • Quality Inspection Lights

To clients with

  • Workstations
  • Inspection Tables
  • Quality Control Responsibilities

More reasons to rely on LOONGA

Why not challenge us by requesting a light with such specific requirements that it’s baffled everyone else you’ve asked? We really, really know our stuff and are confident we can meet any client request.
How annoying is it when a task light proves not to be up to the task you need it for? It fails probably because it wasn’t specifically built for the task. With LOONGA, every light is built to precise specifications.

How to get some LOONGA Task & Inspection Lighting into your business

1. Start off by contacting us here
2. However you contact us, rest assured, we won’t keep you long (or hassle you with loads of follow-up messages). We’ll just ask a few questions about your business and, if necessary, arrange to visit your site.
3. Once we have all the details we need, we’ll create a custom lighting design based on our findings and prepare a report along with a quote for the work.
4. We’ll share this with you, and when you’re ready to press ‘go’ we’ll get building, and deliver the fittings (pre-wired with quick connections if you like) and even arrange full installation.

That’s it.

Except to say that we can put you in touch with a trusted loan partner should you wish to pay for your LOONGA lighting that way. (DISCLAIMER: LOONGA does not provide financial services)

The LOONGA Guarantee

All LOONGA products are guaranteed for 5 years. There’s a delivery guarantee too.
If we don’t get your lighting to you within the deadline we’ve promised (up to 3 weeks) you’ll get 50% off your order.

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